Okay, I admit this blogging thing is getting to me.  I didn’t mean for the photo to be soooo big.  Promise the next one will not look like a billboard ad. 

On the other hand, you get to see the cover of my latest novel, 4-Ever, the next Callahan story.  This story features Cadence Callahan and Chase Hartman.  We met them in my novel 2-Good.  Cadence is a security expert and Chase is an attorney for Aidan Coles.




Cadence Callahan is back in her hometown of Turners Point, Virginia. She’s just completed one of her most complicated security details ever. Not that the job was hard, it wasn’t. She caught the bad guy, put him in jail and now he’s doing time in the big house. The complications came in to play when she acted on her feelings for her client, Chase Hartman. Talk about trouble, she was knee deep in it.

Chase knew the score when he called on Cadence to do her thing as “The Ghost”. The woman was good at what she did. She owned on high profile security company and the woman could probably find Jimmy Hoffa if she put her Irish-African-American mind to it. He also knew over the few years he’d known Cadence, he was falling hard for the independent woman. Now that she was not in his bed anymore, he definitely knew what had to be done. He missed her more he would have ever thought possible. Now he was doing the fool by going to Virginia and laying claim to his woman.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Virginia.

Is it really July?

I can’t believe it’s already July 1.  Where did the time go?  Well I have been busy typing on 4-Ever, my next novel, but those other pesky ideas keep popping in my brain.  Then that brings on an Internet search to see if my idea is plausible, then I get back to work.  

I took a break and went to the movies with friends this weekend and saw “The Heat”.  OMG, I laughed so hard.  Needless to say I really loved the movie and will most likely see it again. I highly recommend it, especially

Now I’m ready to push forward and get my next Callahan novel going as well.  It features Chris Callahan.  He’s the youngest of the intelligence family.  Hadn’t worked out his conflict yet, but it will come.

Now what are you going to do to celebrate our nation’s independence?  Are you going to have a cookout? Picnic? Join in family fun?  Me? I’m going to the Texas Rangers game on Friday and see the fireworks’ display. 

I hope you have a safe and fun holiday!

It’s summer…almost

Well I’ve made it to the end of the school year.  In our school, summer starts June 6.  I think the teachers and staff are looking forward to summer more than the students!  I’m looking forward to it so I concentrate on my writing and getting caught up on my reading as well.  I’m also going to catch up on all those movies I missed.  In short, I’m going to try not to become a couch potato.

I’m trying to plan a mini-vacay.  What would you suggest as a weekend getaway? 


Waving good-bye to Poetry Month

Alas, it’s May.  Poetry month is over.  I was really getting into all the poetry events in and around my little corner of the world.  Oddly, I can’t write poetry, but I love to listen to others when they read their work. 

As I wave good-bye, I’m reminded that I have a deadline looming over my head.  Two actually, if you count my next release.  I seemed to write more intense when I know there’s no time for  throwing out half my book.  No time for mistakes are unplausible plot twists(I hate when that happens), but I always have clarity.  I feel a visit to Starbucks in my future. 

What’s your cure for procrastination?

It’s Friday night……

Yes, it’s a wonderful Friday night.  I’m supposing to be furiously typing on 4-ever, but here I am doing everything but.  This has been a crazy week with the explosions at the Boston Marathon, explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas and other details.  It’s a wonder I don’t watch the news much. 

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to visiting the Main St. Art Festival tomorrow.  I love art.  I would love to be able to paint, since I can’t I have to admire it from afar.  I love just about any form of art, oils, canvas, watercolor oreven charcoal. 

I try to fit art into my books.  I feel you can never have enough culture.  Now back to my writing. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

It’s March!!

the rubani legacy cover photoOkay, I look up and it was V-Day, now that I look again, it’s coming up on Spring Break and St. Patty’s Day. As you know I love all things Irish, so March 17 is one of my favorite celebratory days. No, I’m not going to get drunk on Guiness, but I do embrace the day. What am I going to do that day? Probably watch a lot of Irish based movies, such as “The Matchmaker” a romantic comedy set in Ireland in the midst of a Matchmaking Festival. It stars Janene Garafalo, and its way cute.

Also happening on that date in 2013–I will be releasing a paranormal/historical fiction romance called The Rubani Legacy: Gifts of Love. This is part of a three part series which features three African-American sisters who discover they have the ability to see the non-living. The first sister to come into her powers is Professor Kamilah Reston. Kami doesn’t beleive in the spirit world and has a hard time accepting her grandmother’s fanciful stories about being a Rubani woman.

Unfortunately, the spirit world doens’t take no for an answer.